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Title Publisher Quality
Sustainability MDPI 12.9 S
Sensors MDPI 12.4 S
Molecules MDPI 12.3 S
Water MDPI 12.0 S
Frontiers in Microbiology Frontiers Media 11.5 S
Energies MDPI 11.5 S
Frontiers in Physiology Frontiers Media 11.4 S
Entropy MDPI 11.1 S
Frontiers in Plant Science Frontiers Media 11.1 S
Nutrients MDPI 10.9 S
Remote Sensing MDPI 10.8 S
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) Copernicus Publications 10.7 S
Ecology and Society Resilience Alliance 10.5  
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Copernicus Publications 10.4 S
PLoS ONE plos 10.2